Official Cinco de Marcho Phrases:

Erin go Queso!

O' Le!

Kiss me I'm Spanish

I’m Immigreat!

Top o' the mañana to ya!

It's the same day every year!

There's Queso in the Rainbow...

We'll call the participants "Mexi-chauns." - Sandra Wiggins

In the News:

Our first national Media coverage is a mention on Mental

The Legend of the Leprecabra

Click here to read the story

Image drawn and owned by Jert.

Check out his blog -


Official Jokes:

What’s green and sits on your porch?

Patio furniture ( Patty O’ Furniture)


Official Mascots:

Seamus Lopez

Pepe O’ Toole

Speedy Mularkey - C. Dixon


Official Favorite Newscaster:

Soledad O'Brien (yes, she is a real anchor on CNN)


Official Favorite Comedians:

Patty Vasquez.

Check out her site: Tequila and Shamrocks!

Conan O'Brien.

Anyone that Irish playing a characher that full of mexican stereotype....awesome!


Official Dishes:

We hope to have a cook-off, and include the recipes as official dishes, but in the meantime, here are a few ideas:

Irish Stew

Potato dishes

Various Mexican Dishes(with lots of cheese!)

Pot o' gold cheese dip!

Buenos Nachos

Irish Burrito - just like a regular burrito with potato instead of meat