History of Cinco de Marcho

Of course, Cinco de Marcho has existed for a long time...but this is the story of how it came to be official.

Like many great ideas, CdM was born out of necessity. It all began one beautiful spring in 2007 when my wife and I heard that one of her good friends from high school was coming in to town the weekend of St. Patty’s day. On top of that there was a cook-off planned for that same weekend. We knew that the crowd this unnamed 6’8” fireman would gather would mean drinking.

We don’t really drink. Maybe one drink a month…seriously, so we knew we would have to train our livers to be able to be social and also remain standing.

Having planned to meet a friend at a local Mexican restaurant (that serves Fantastico Mexican food BTW) we decided a margarita would be a good way to start our training.

“Hey, today is March the 5 th…Cinco de Marcho” I thought. And then it hit me…Margaritas are green (like St. Patty’s Day) and they are Mexican. A perfect compliment to this funny little idea.

Well the idea wouldn’t leave me, so I pondered (or obsessed over) it for a while. Out of that pondering grew the 12 Days of Cinco de Marcho.

You see, it isn’t just a day. Really it is a season that begins with the 5th of March and ends what I like to call the closing ceremonies of Cinco de Marcho: St. Patty’s day.

You can have on official CdM party any time during the season, so you can always have it on a Friday Saturday or Sunday (or all three).

For more on the ongoing history, lore and reports check out the Cinco de Marcho Blog.