Cinco de Marcho Official Game list:

(with many thanks to Jenna - GT Athletic Trainer)

The first few games aren’t themed – we just like to play them…


Two players grip each others hands - arm wrestling style - and point with the index finger. You try to poke each other...that is all. No more rules.

variation- Hokey Pokey: can only be played while listening to Polka Music

Cornhole: ( A.K.A. bean bag toss)

You can look up the official rules and necessary gear here:

Spud Shots:

Each player gets a potato and potato gun. You try to get as many shots through a target hole an into a recepticle as you can in a minute - or one song

Jumping Bean:

Squip beans into a target receptacle. The most in a given time wins.

Squip (verb) to hold something smooth or slippery between the tip of your thumb and index finger and squeeze until the object shoots out of your fingertips.

Leapin' Leprechauns!

Take a bunch of small leprechaun dolls and fling them with spoons toward your partner who tries to catch them in a butterfly net. Compete against other teams.

Fireman Carry Race(In honor of Brandon )

This is a relay where the lightest person on each team gets carried to a line and back. Every other person has to carry them. The first team done wins.

Tortilla Toss:

Throw tortillas and impale them on sharpened sticks, or throw them through a hula hoop.

Irish Fling:

Play the egg toss game, but with wet bars of Irish Spring: the team that can manage the farthest throw without dropping it wins!

Hot potato:

There are a lot of versions of this, but now they have timer based ones, where you pass an object around until it “explodes”. If it blows while you are holding it, you are out!

Keep playing until only one remains.

Irish Cream:

Two or more teams cover an item or person’s head with Shaving cream and shoot it off with identical water guns.

The cleanest object after one minute wins.

Lucky Charms Hunt:

[for the kids] hide objects in the yard (maybe in easter eggs) the one that finds the pot of gold gets a special prize

Potato Sack Race


Limerick Contest:

A topic is given and individuals have one song to write a Limerick.

Judging picks the multiple rounds.

Border Crossing:

Similar to Red Rover, but one team is the border and the other team sends one runner at a time to break through. The team with the most border breakers wins!

Variation: instead of one at a time, the other team runs en masse (but must run between members of the other team to be counted)


Drinking games:

The holiday is not about drinking in excess, it's about ramping up...that's why we don't have drinking games per se...but we did invent the most dangerous drinking game ever!

It is so dangerous, that it is not recommended that it ever be played, and to this date, no one has dared:


Listen to Latin music and take a drink every time you hear the word Corazon. Yell “Corazon” before drinking so everybody drinks.




Most of the fun of CdM is coming up with ridiculous ideas… Feel free to help us brainstorm on the ideas below or send in your own idea to be a part of the history and official canon of Cinco de Marcho!


Franks and Beans:

maybe a baseball variation with big hot dog shaped bats and a beanbag for a ball?


Fajita Frenzy: yet undeveloped


Silly Hat Competition: for prizes


Ring of Fire:

Pepper eating, or something involving a hula hoop with fiery crepe paper on it. maybe a team based exersise where you have to pass people through the ring.


Something involving boxing?...because both cultures produce great boxers


Leprechaun Limbo?


Darts: Lawn or standard


Mexican Standoff: yet undevelopled [some form of tug o war?]


Federali Fling: Yet undeveloped


Shot Put: with large stones


BYO Bean Bag Chair